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Summite Pointe
My Wife Betty and I moved here from Raleigh NC 1 Feb 2005 We moved to this area because of the surrounding Beauty of the Area. We used to Love day trips around here. I Have enjoyed the PRESENT MANAGEMENT VERY MUCH. Has not always been that way here in my opinion. I enjoy my life here now More than I would anywhere else that we have ever been. They keep up the apartments and the grounds very, very well. Emergencies are always handled very promptly. Very nice place for older people. Management is VERY, VERY caring and UNDERSTANDING and helping when problems arise . Thanks to them for all they do for us...... David (85 years old soon, wife Betty is 92...)


What a beautiful little slice of heaven! This place looks like a park, and feels like home. Management is kind and attentive, and everyone really looks out for each other. This is Community, a neighborhood, not just an apartment complex!



We have been at lakeside for 5 years and it has been amazing from beginning to end!! Julie and John are the best team. They are so attentive and professional. They helped me with literally EVERYTHING I needed. The place is always clean. Whenever I put in a work order, they sent maintenance right away. Every issue I had got solved immediately. they truly care about your well being and that’s so hard to find nowadays. So if you are looking for a place to move to, I highly highly recommend lakeside apartments. They are worth every penny. I’m truly going to miss it there.


This Property is Miracle in Wheaton, a real 🏠 away from 🏠 Community. My life has done nothing, but Rise since I got here not even a year ago.... Thank You Shouts to Ms. Julie and The Entire Staff a Great Community and the Apartments are truly Beautiful inside 🤗🐕💕


Always super helpful! Would definitely recommend!


Enjoyed living at Lakeside very much. Nice and friendly atmosphere. My neighbors were also very pleasant. Definitely an A+ living experience at Lakeside.


The office staff are friendly, the property was safe and well maintained, maintenance staff are punctual and friendly. I enjoyed living here. The rent is by far the best in the area for the amenities provided.


Great management with lonely people


Lived here for a while. Office staff is great and attentive and the maintenance is proficient. Love it here